More confidence, more action with South-East England's PRP centre of excellence
More confidence, more action withSouth-East England'sPRP centre of excellence

Say hello to a bolder you

Blend is a small, discreet clinic off the high street, serving Surrey and surrounding areas. At the helm is Amanda Bradshaw - trained by the inventors and leaders in these systems - making Blend South East England's PRP centre of excellence. We use your body's own natural elements to help with a range of cosmetic, orthopedic and sexual therapies.


We offer a range of natural, non-surgical ways to improve your appearance, and get your confidence back, from Vampire Facelifts to hand and breast rejuvenation, cellulite and fat loss.

Hair rejuvenation

Treat the signs of hormonal hair loss, male pattern baldness, general thinning and alopecia through PRP injections, using your own blood to get your hair growing naturally.


PRP therapies have scientifically-proven results for wear and tear, osteoarthritis and other joint, muscle and tendon issues - all without the need for surgery.

Sexual health

PRP is a safe, non-surgical treatment to rejuventate your sex life. We provide P-shots for erectile dysfunction, plus O-shots, vagina rejuvenation and breast rebalancing and lifting.

Thinking naturally


Grab a drink, take 5, relax and read the latest thoughts from our founder Amanda Bradshaw in our brand-new blog!


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